Mommy designer bags

Crafted for function. Designed for fashion.

Hello Kitty

Constructed from high quality leather with custom hardware.

Disney Diaper Bags

Designed with your lifestyle in mind.


Designer diaper bags reimagined for modern life.

ultimate companion

Featuring details such as hidden breathing vents, waterproof + insulated linings, and more.

Gen u us products

At Gen U Us Products we know you care deeply about the earth that our children will inherit. That’s why most of our products only use materials that are manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Motherhood meets fashion
Each diaper bag is thoughtfully created to be the perfect balance of form and function
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Hello Kitty

Elegantly distinctive tracksuits for those who choose to express their strength, confidence, and uniqueness through a bold and distinctive personal style.


Flossy B Handbags

Synonymous with an understated style that has always anticipated new trends. Our handbags use only the finest materials to strike the ideal balance of form and function.


Flossy B Sunglasses

Enduring, luxurious, and widely appealing to women of all ages, capturing both the stately and adventurous, Flossy B reinterprets the tradition of classic style in a modern and dynamic way.


Hello Kitty My Melody

Soft and Plushie

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Disney Handbags
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Every Collection Has a story.

Safety first

Made of breathable mesh cloth, which is heat-dissipating, sweat-absorbing,environmentally friendly and soft without hurt to skin.

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Snuggly and Safe

Our carriers naturally holds your newborn in a M position so their hips can develop properly while keeping you and your newborn comfortable.

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Learning Playground

Made of high quality materials, with chairs strong enough to hold adults. Ideal for studing, playing games, working on puzzles, and more.

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A ride for every lifestyle

 Flossy Mom Strollers is designed with the active life in mind. Our strollers moves smoothly thanks to all-wheel suspension and air-filled tires. Thanks to an ergonomic trigger release, they also folds with ease for easy transportation. Finally, strollers that can keep up with you, any time, anywhere.

Flossy Mom strollers

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Hot Mom Strollers

If luxury strollers is what you are looking for, then Hot Mom 3 in 1 stroller will do the trick. These leather stroller features leather seat fabric, adjustable handlebar, a reversible stroller seat and a multi position reclining seat

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Flossy Mom Strollers

If your heart is set on a luxury stroller but your bank account doesn’t agree. You don’t have to choose, Flossy Mom Strollers offers a whole lot of luxury for a whole lot less than other comparable strollers.

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Flossy Mom Strollers

Enjoy versatility, innovation, and style. Our fashionable strollers features complete travel system designed for smooth and safe trips with your child from car to stroller.

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Modern Design



Bold Trendy

Modern Chairs


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